If i were to buy two pickups from Long and McQuades do you think i would be able to have them install it for free. It would only be normal wiring no coil splitting or anything but i would be having them price match on the pickups in the first place. Do you think i could do this? A two pickup install costs $50 and i really don't want to pay that. Thank you.
Which Long and Mcquade are you refering to? Honestly you would probably be able to do a better job than the guys working at Long and Mcquade, even with no soldering experience. Long and Mcquade is terrible.

If you have to get someone to do it, try to find a local luthier or someone with experience to do it. If you HAVE to get it done at Long and Mcquade make sure you are there when they do it or something because otherwise theyre going to treat the job like garbage.

As for your question, I would call them and ask them. I know you get a free setup if you buy a guitar from there, so I dont see why not a free pickup install with a pickup.