Poll: Help Me Decide between these four guitars
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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
2 29%
Schecter C-1 Classic Blue
3 43%
ESP LTD MH-350NT Dark Brown Sunburst
1 14%
Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Blue Burst
1 14%
Voters: 7.
I am trying to decide between a Schecter C-1 Hell raiser, a Schecter C-1 Classic, a Les Paul Standard plus top, and an ESP LTD MH-350NT. I can't decide which one to get. Help me decide please.
For what genre of music? Early 50's rock?
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i'm no pro but i think you might want a good jackson... for the price, or maybe a gibson SG
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Did you read the OP? I put down 4 different guitars. I am looking for help on deciding within those four. Not other guitars out there. If that was the case. I would have posted a thread stating I need help finding a guitar for metalcore, metal, heavy metal, and classical metal. Which is not the case I am just looking for help on deciding between the four I have put in the OP.

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If you're only playing metal, the Schecters will serve you better than the Epi because their neck profiles are designed for a metal playing style and the pickups have higher output. I would recommend either of the C1s. Can't speak on that ESP, though.
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