My guitar is there through that link with all the specs, I'm debating on which set of pickups to put in it. the current pickups are through the link, but I find that they lack a certain.. punch. I suppose that's how I'd put it.

As as preface I have little idea as to what I'm talking about.

I was looking at replacing them with any two of the following after browsing the web:

Standard Gold EMG 81:


Gold EMG 60:


(MAYBE the 85)

Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover Model:


Seymour Duncan SH-PG1 Pearly Gates:


I play mostly blues/jazz, with occasional hard rock. For the most part I'm completely ignorant to the guitar-pick-up world, so any input/suggestions would be helpful.
Yeah ... EMGs seems like a bad choice for a semi-hollow and for what you play, check out the Dimarzio website, they have this app that helps you chose your pups according to your specs and needs
I play those styles too and I would get the seymour Duncan SH-PG1 pearly gates because aswell as being good for that style it is more versatile than the others (the black ones look better). I wouldnt get EMG Picups
if youre going to put emg you would have to add a compartment for the batteries becasue they are active pickups(means adding a hole somewhere to youre guitar)
also youd have to go with emgs type pick ups in both the neck and bride since the require type of pots than passive pick ups

i find emgs are usually suited best for music with more gain like metal

i vote for the passives you got there
@JohnMerrick: Thanks for the website! That helped broaden the decision so I'm more educated, I'm glad I'm probably not going for those actives anymore.

@itamar: I'll definitely take a deeper look into those, I heard a few samples and it sounds great. I must say I'd have to disagree with the black ones looking better, I don't know how black would look on my guitar I was thinking more beige/gold haha

@supersac: Ah yes I was afraid of that, for some reason I thought the active pickups had a built-in slot to stick a 9v but I guess not! I'm not up for drilling any extra holes into my guitar just yet.
You're welcome, also, if the pickups you find are not in a color that suits you you can always add a pickup cover