Well, I decided to record drum covers, partly so I can get constructive criticism from the internet (Uh oh) and also so I can have a sort of video history thing I can look back on as I progress through the years. Here's my second drum cover, but its one I'm satisfied with. I chose not to record it 10,000 times for a perfect take, but posted this one because its where I had the most fun.

This was recorded using the Guitar Hero singing Mic. I'm not sure as to where the best position for it is yet, and I'm pretty unhappy with the sound. Anyone have any advice on the best position? Its currently right above my head, and a little behind me.

Comments, criticism, whatever you have is welcome. If saying "fail" makes you feel good, and you feel the need to, by all means. People ripping doesn't bother me, it motivates me to play better.


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I think its pretty good overall, I'd say the main issue is going between some sections you go out of time, such as going from the verse to the chorus and the part with the drum fills going back into the verse(?).

I think the drum roll near the end was pretty sloppy, but thats because you were forcing the speed with your whole arm, you need to be more economical and use wrists and fingers to get to fast tempos. Just practice slow and it will come
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We have a drum covers thread. Post them in there


Also, what Skinny said, and you should practice with a metronome often to develop a better sense of time