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I have a Jet City JCA12S 1x12 speaker cabinet for guitar, and i want a power amp because I use amplitube, an amp sim. The speaker is rated for 70 watts and 16 ohms...does this mean I need a power amp with these exact specifications?
It means the power-amp should be able to work with 16 Ohm loads. With solid-state units that will almost always be the case, with tube ones you'll want to check what outputs they have.
As to the wattage, if you get a power-amp that can put out more than 70w, be careful not to turn it up too much. Anything smaller should be fine, but be warned that if you get a small power-amp not designed for guitar, but for hi-fi, you can make it clip if you turn it up all the way, which can damage speakers. Oddly enough, this does not seem to be a problem with power-amps made for guitar, which will clip without blowing stuff up. I'm not 100% sure on the hi-fi-thing, so don't quote me on it.
thanks! hmm so far i haven't been able to find any power amps with 16 ohm outputs...any advice?
If it's a SS power amp then any will do. You will not get the max rated power output with a higher ohm cab.
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thanks! hmm so far i haven't been able to find any power amps with 16 ohm outputs...any advice?

What fly said. Can you link us to what you have been looking at so far? Chances are they will work with your cab fine.
I don't see why that shouldn't work, but it's a lot of amp for guitar. Guitar-speakers are sensitive and get VERY loud without having to pump a lot of wattage into them.

EDIT: Are you planning to use this for gigging/band-practice?
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Depends on what you want to use it for! Your speaker won't handle more than 70 anyway, so why bother with high-powered equipment?

Sooooo... home-use/band-practice/gigging?
more like band-practice. i wanted some higher wattage because at first my tone from the amp sim was muddy and i was told that i needed some power boost to open the speakers and let the sound flow kinda thing