ok another question. when i read a tablature, you know you'll see intro,verse,pre-chorus,chorus,riff,bridge,fill 1, fill 2. I get confused sometimes.

So when you begin to read and play the guitar( I'm talking about the order you should play).

It always go intro,verse,Pre-chorus, chorus, then in the middle of the song you play like the same pattern, my question is where the the fiil 1 and fill 2 go? Do you play them after the bridge,the chorus, or at the end?

Also where does verse2 go? Do you play it after the chorus the second time around?
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Read a Transcription Book from your favorite Band. Also, learn to use decent grammar.
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Read a Transcription Book from your favorite Band. Also, learn to use decent grammar.

i don't have one.
There is no rule for how a song can be structured. Listen to progressive rock - usually, the song structure is something entirely unlike the structures that you're used to.

Normally, when you play a song from a tab, you can tell where the parts go. If you're familiar with the song, you should be able to learn each part, then put it together. Most tabs go in order of appearance, so if a riff is written physically after another, then that riff is probably chronologically after as well.

If you know the riffs and are familiar with the song, you can just learn the parts and put it all together. Since there's no ironclad rule to songwriting or song structure, I cannot tell you where abstract things like "fill 1" or "fill 2" go. If it sounds like it fits somewhere, that's probably where it fits.