...says there are no local classes available to him, that he can't find anything near that he can take. He lives in Norway.

He's really passionate about music, and I know he'd do well to learn theory, so what is the best way for him to get started learning?

Online link suggestions? Really good books? I know a live teacher is invaluable, but what is the next best option?


This guy has some good stuff Learn the Modes
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ZeGuitarist's Ultimate Guide to Guitar. Just google "Ultimate Guide to Guitar" and it will be like the first thing that pops up. It's free, and it's really easy to understand.
Best advice I can give as someone learning guitar + theory all by myself, is just DO IT. go to musictheory.net, learn a bit of theory on scales or whatever, then USE what you learnt to do something, the best way to learn is by doing..

so, like learn how a scale is made then try to work out the 5 pentatonic scale shapes yourself, thats what I did... it took me ages to work them out even though a quick google searhc could of saved me AGES... but it helped me learn theory..

well thats what I think anything..

www.musictheory.net <-- great site!

We teach several students from Norway. I have an online Guitar Academy. We specialize in Fretboard Navigation, and Applied theory specifically for the guitar. If you contact me here by clicking on my name, I can answer any questions you might have and get you out a course catalog.

If we can help, please let me know!