Polar - This Polar Noise

Soon as someone has beaten me to it by starting a thread about feed the rhino, I thought I might let this sub forum know about another cool band emerging out of the underground ranks, Polar.

Pretty frantic hardcore, they seems to have there own thing going on in terms of sound.

Here's their myspace:This Polar Noise

They've only just started so their tracks are pretty sparse on the ground. Check out iTunes for their EP if your that interested. Only £2.50.

hope you guys dig 'em, They grow on ya
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I like that one guy in the back wanted to be different, and his outlet of artistic expression was a white v-neck.
Quite good friends with these and played a couple of shows with them. THE nicest guys you could meet. Great live band too!
Lol @ blake!

Check us out, we'd really appreciate any feedback or support.

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From what I've heard they were assholes last time they played here, and their music is really mediocre. A resounding "meh" from me.
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