This is a n00b question.

Can a Peavey Pv6 Mixer work like an interface? Meaning, can I plug a guitar or mic onto it and then plug the other end into my laptop?
I don't know, does it have a pluggity thingy that looks like it fits in your laptop?

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it doesnt have usb or anything, if thats what you are asking. you can run the main output to a line input on your computer, assuming it has one. ive done the same thing with my pv6, but it isnt the greatest. you would be better off getting an actual interface, as you will probably do eventually anyway.
thats a slightly different one from the one I have used. peavey makes some great stuff, and that is a solid mixer. i just think that in the long run, an actual interface might suit you better.
I don't know, I bought it recently and I'm not regretting it! At all! I love the fact that it has a built in mixer, makes life so much easier.