I’m a liar I’m a loser, I’m a sinner, I’m a saint
I’m a beggar I’m a chooser and often times I think
Of you, alone. Of you alone.
Was it you alone? Is it you alone?

And brother I’m amused, that you’re so inclined to think that
Those fortunate to you won’t ever let you truly sink
Till you’re that low, till you’re that low
'Cause you’re so low, yeah you’re so low

And home is just a place for me to lay my head at night
But I’ve got some quiet reservations that it all might be all right
Are you alright? Are you alright?
And if you’re alive then where the hell’s the passion in your eyes?

And I’ve been such a recluse, I’ve been drinkin’ I’ve been drinkin’ I’ve been drinkin’
And I’m too young to be this scared of death but I’ve been thinkin’, I’ve been thinkin’
Maybe it’s the seasons change that gets me feeling uptight and afraid
Or it’s the ever lasting thought that one day all our bodies will decay

So take me back home, take me back home (x4)
I like this, it's got some depth to it, but it's forward enough that you don't have to try too hard to understand what's going on. The pairing of descriptions is nice, although certain pairs toe the line of cliche (sinner/saint particularly), but you balance it out pretty well.

I enjoyed the writing style, although it seems there's a bit much repetition. It could sound much better when put to music, and that's fine, but when reading the lyrics it doesn't have the same impact.

One bigger thing I noticed is that you're constantly flirting with an overarching meaning for the situations and questions throughout the song, but after finishing, I'm still not sure what that is. Maybe that's intentional or maybe I'm just not seeing it, but it's something you might want to think about if you consider ever going back through the lyrics.

But all in all I like it, and I'd like to see more like it. Cheers, man.
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Obviously you got this.
It's got a sort of unified theme which is why I didn't want to delve too much into one stanza or meaning in particular. It's more about the desire of belonging and the concept of home as a vessel or a state of mind rather than a physical location. It marks a new style for me in terms of songwriting (first song in open tunings) so it's a bit of an experiment. Thanks for the crit though!