I finished another song. I work pretty hard on this one. Its an acoustic guitar song, mostly finger picking with a little electric work at the end. I did the vocals, I attempted to do the harmony part with myself....hehe...oh well. I did a little bit of my own 'drums' to it, just a little bit to fill up some space. Please leave any feedback you've got

I will C4C, Just leave me a link and a few days to get to it, Thank you all!
Well the vocals need to be higher up in the mix, there is a little timing issues with vocals and the drum things too. It's a pretty guitar part. I would of harmonized a higher part over it too, and I would make it a little cleaner. The chorus melody is pretty. It's all just a little off but if you cleaned it up it'd be really pretty good. I'd add some reverb on the electric part, and delay, and make it lower in the mix. The drums really fit well they just need to be cleaned up. All the ideas are there, just gotta record it a little better, is good song though :s

I think that the acoustic guitar is very nice, but the electric guitar was a little bit too loud, and you could work a little bit more on the vocal timings, and get higher volume on them, but all in all, its a good song!
Thanks for critic on my whole EP.. very thankful!

I am writing as I listen to it...

The shaker and acoustic guitar are both really nice. Defiantly enjoy listening to this sort of thing. When the vocals come in, they sound nice. They could do with being a bit louder but not too much or else it will lose the effect of them. The out of timing 2nd vocals I think sounds really cool! I don't know if you did it on purpose or not, but I quiet like it! I don't think vocals need much changing IMO. You haven't got the best voice, and I think that is a fair thing to say, but It defiantly fits in with this song. Some of your vocal parts sound a bit off in pitch.. although i've not got the best ear for music so i might be wrong and it might just be the way your voice sounds... I like the solo you play, it feels a bit thin, so maybe up the middle or something to make it a bit less tinny or something or even change it around in the mixer! I do like that solo tough, very calm. And the ending is too sudden IMO, Id fade it out with the solo going!

good job! this is the type of song I listen to so great job on it.
Guitar is really well played, the shaker is a nice touch.
I feel like your voice sounds timid and could have a little more power behind it. Not like yelling or anything, but just a little more presence.
Timing gets a little funky at times.
Vocals get pretty off tempo / out of key sometimes.

I think this is a great idea though and with a better recording it would be a really good song.

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