Hey everyone, I'm pretty much new to everything. I know how to more or less read and play tabs, though I do need help on something. Looking at some of these tabs i've run into situations that confuse me. For instance a song's tab may have a section like this:


I've always wondered how I am supposed to hit these strings without strumming the ones in between. I thought muting them by applying a little pressure on the strings may be the trick but that never ends up sounding right. How do you play this or any like sections of a tab?(Song in example is Stairway to Heaven which has many of these instances) Help would be much appreciated, thanks!
If I'm using a pick, I'll just run it as


Even if its not correctly played, if your playing at the normally speed, the mutes are generally unnoticeable.
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Stairway is generally finger picked, using thumb and 3rd finger on this part to pluck both notes (on right hand obviously), at least for the first section that u are talking about. Alternately if you are using a pick you could pick the bass note (6) but would still need to use a finger to get the high note (7)....OR just strum with mutes as suggested above.

Typical finger position diagram:

e -------5--7------7--8-___3rd finger
B -----5-------5--------___2nd finger
G ---5-----------5------___1st finger
D -7--------6---------5-___Thumb
-------------^pluck---^pluck (using thumb & 3rd finger

and so on. Sorry for the poor formating. Hope this makes sense.
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