I just bought a used Boss Digital Delay DD6 pedal off on GC. Looks and sounds great for the most part, but I noticed one small thing. It may be nothing, but just looking for some quick advice in the event I would need to return it.

When I set the delay to either the 800ms or 2600ms setting (delay time and feedback somewhere near 12 oclock) and play a short run of notes, the end result is something close to what I played-- however, there is some sort of pitch issues where the pitch goes up and down in an odd fashion... This eventually overtakes anything close to the sound of what i played.

My thought is that since i have such a long delay setting on and such a long delay time that the pedal just cant accommodate for so much input and the end result is a jumbled mess. Would that be the case?

Any help/suggestions would really be appreciated, I am really new to delay pedals, but other than this one potential glitch(?) I have been very pleased with this purchase. But if this is an issue (mechanical/electrical/other) where I need to return this used pedal, I would really like to know.

unfortunately i cant help you, BUT i was using he delay on a small line 6 amp and when playing small chords very fast, i noticed a strange change in pitch which made it sound like i bent one of the strings, which i can guarantee i wasnt.