So I've been having a rather large problem with my amp for some time. I have a 60 watt Marshall TSL 1x12, purchased used, and it sounded great at the time to my young unjaded ears. Over time though, as I began to realize more bass end doesnt mean better sound, I realized that the gain seems very low and flabby, even cranked all the way up, and the tone is all bass, the only real changes occur between 3 and 1 on the bass knob, and the treble is weak. I took it to my shop thinking it needed new tubes, but they said it was fine. I have a few distortion pedals that sound great through the clean channel, but I've tried using them on the lead channel on low distortion settings and all it does it to seemingly CLEAN UP the sound and make it flabbier. Some help on this would be great, as I don't have the money to really purchase a new amp, and I would love to be able to use the part of the amp I bought it for originally, which is the high gain channels.
Is that different than what comes stock in a Marshall?
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