Theres the link to the tab. The only part that I'm a bit confused about is the switch from G to D. There is an *. In the song there is a note higher right in between G and D. I've been practicing it just playing an open E upstrum one time between switching from G and D. However it doesn't give you the higher pitch i'm looking for. Anyone know what this is relative to the song itself?
If it's higher than the highest note of an open G or D chord, then the lowest note it could possibly be is G# (4th fret). I'm guessing that it's either an A or a B. Try one of those notes.
The G with the star is the chord that is 320005. Also are you playing this song with a capo at the third...
yeah I was using a capo. I'm a beginner, and was just looking at the top 100 tabs and saw this on there and it was really easy and sounds right on. Except for that note. When I get a chance to practice on my lunch break I'll give your suggestions a shot and see if it sounds right. Thanks!