Solid Body, super strat shape preferably. Something with good cutaway is more important.
HSH or HH config, preferably passives
Don't mind about the bridge, floating would be nice though. Something like PRS trems would be best.
24 (preferably) Jumbo SS or nickel frets. I'd rather have 22 jumbo than 24 regular.

All I need is a good playing guitar for the summer. I want the best value I can get for around $200 to $400... I've played Ibanez RG's with decent woods and specs that have played nice that are worth about $200. I also know I can get this guitar for around $200 - $400 (all over my CL). But I really want to see what's really out that with similar specs.
You can usually find used PRS SE's on ebay for around that price if you look hard enough. That's what I'd go with.
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For around $400 you might be able to snag an RG570 or 550 (or any RG5XX at that). I got my 570 for $350 at a Guitar Center.
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