Hello guys,
Three months ago I purchased a new Hot Rod Deville III. Two days ago I noticed a major and terrible difference in the tone. It's almost as if almost all of the low end dropped completely out and it sounds rather harsh. I guess I'd say that it sounds dead in comparison to how huge and juicy it sounded before. The wetness and sensitivity of playing has turned to the dry side. I don't have much experience with tube amps, so I decided that I'd ask if you guys have had any experience with this type of situation?
sounds like a tube issue

i'd start by swapping some of the preamp tubes around and keep track of what you are doing so you can pinpoint if you hear a difference. you can even label them 1,2,3 with a permanent marker if you like. if you would like to see a vid on how to do this let me know

it is possible it is the power tubes (the bigger ones) but that is not my first guess. do the preamp swapping first. easy and it doesn't cost anything.

PS: in some amps, this could negate your warranty but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

good advice, BUT

first, contact fender, try to get them to replace the amp, or at least the tubes.
second, check each tube for microphonics, its very simple, pm me if you want to give you a walkthrough on it.

thirdly, call fender again.

the tubes in those amps are made by groove tubes, which suck. but, you don't really want to void a warranty if you still have it.

however, when you do look towards replacing your tubes, i have some suggestions for you. i've tried about 6 different tubes for the 6l6 and 12ax7's and could suggest something that may work for you.

i have a deville, and never really had many problems with it, until one of the tubes turned microphonic. since then, i've done so much crap to it that i would barely call it a fender amp, but still. i love em.
Thanks guys. I'm going to give Fender a call tomorrow and ask about the warranty. I'll let you know how that goes. I guess that I'll take the chance to have it replaced if they offer.

And I've heard that Groove Tubes aren't the best. I do intend on swapping them out if it means improving sound. Which ones would you suggest?

The one thing that I love about the Deville is how warm and low end driven it's capable of. And I think that I'll look into checking for microphonics.

Thanks again.