I recently bought an 7 String ibanez from my local pawn shop and am looking for some additional information on it. I originally thought it was a newer guitar until i started to do some research in the regards to the serial number (f9826753). This shows that it was made in Japan at the Fuji String instrument production company. Here is some additional information.
Bridge: Officially Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo
Nut: Locking Nut
Neck: Maple
Fret Board: 24 Fret, Rosewood w/ Dot inlays
Tuners: Gotoh Tuners
Hardware: Black, 5 position selector switch, 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob
Pickups: HH configuration, either dimarzio or stock, I'm not to sure
Neck Joint: bolt on (4 bolts)

As far as cosmetic information i can't really tell you much as the previous owners tried to put a "wrap" (piece of printed plastic similar to a "axe wrap" or other product of the like) on the guitar and did a horrible job (i originally thought there was a crack near the neck joint but it turns out it was where the "wrap" got a tear in it during the application process) thus obscurring the true color of the body and any additional information on the front of the headstock. I know i may be asking alot but it would be greatly appreciated if all you ibanez collectors (i know your out there) and members of the ERG legion could help me out. I plan on installing some Bare Knuckle's aftermath pickups and stripping the finish down to the original wood and do a tasteful dull black or transparent black/ grey.

Thanks in advance guys