Ok, im headed to GC tomorrow, and in place of trying a few guitars, I would like to upgrade my amp.

Budget: Under $600?
Genres: Heavy Metal, Classic Metal (tallica, Priest, Maiden, Sabbath)
New preferred, used to an extent.
Home for now, but gig able.
Tampa FL or Albany NY
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Cleans are important.

So any suggestions? Any brand I should look at in particular? Thanks!
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This looks like the only new thing in your price range that'll do that. Not the greatest cleans, but not as bad as people on here say they are.
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I would go for the JSX 311 posted. That's a really good deal, you usually don't see that amp with any cab for that cheap.

It's also miles ahead of the 6505+ 112, and better voiced for what you want to play.
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How f'in cheap is that JSX and XXX cab? Lucky b*stards.

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Get the jsx and cab!!!
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Holy sh*t that's a good deal for the JSX + xxx cab! If I were you I would go for that
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