For sale is a San Dimas type guitar. The guitar has a Kne Guitars San D poplar body and a Mighty Mite maple neck with a maple fret board. It has an original Floyd Rose tremolo and a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom pickup. The neck has 22 frets and has a compound radius from 9.5 to 12. This guitar also has strap locks. The paint isn't the greatest but it doesn't effect the playability of the guitar at all. The reason why I am selling this is because I have 2 other guitars and I don't really use this one. I will be putting a new set of 9 gauge Ernie Ball super slinky guitar strings on it. A guitar gig bag is included. Thanks

Price: $450
Shipping: $50

I am willing to negotiate a different price if the offer is right

*Paypal only*