I felt in love just when I heard the first chords but I cant find any good tablature for it.I'd be REALLY thankfull if someone could help me with that one.I have found some chords,didnt tried them out yet but it seems to be ok.However the most important part for me is the solo.
Thank you in advance!
Love this song. As you can see from my signature/picturre on the left, i love AC..

So, ill give this a go once Ive eaten some food!

Thats what I got...

I didn't finish the solo as this is the 3rd time i have learnt something by ear.. let alone trying to tab it out.. I think most of the solo is roughly there, but its a bit dodgey..

Ive use the UG template for tabs so i can upload it... so, enjoy and tell me any problems with it or any suggestions on stuff to change!