Hi, I need a bit of help here if possible?

I know a bit about electric guitars but have no real knowledge of electro acoustic guitars. I would like to buy a new one and have a maximum of £500.00 to spend. I have heard good things about Ovation guitars and have had a look at some reviews of Yamaha's in that price range.

I'd like to get something with a mid sized bowl using steel strings and would like to avoid dreadnought style guitars. Also I'd rather avoid guitars with extra bell's and whistles that aren't needed. (Ovation iDea springs to mind) I'd rather the makers spent the money making a well made guitar than adding on mp3 players etc.

What should I be looking for? Any suggestions?
Ovations are love or hate, a lot of people on this board don't seem to like them and will steer you away, but since you have played electric guitars you may like them.
I would suggest bypassing all new Ovations as your price range would still be in the Celebrity end - instead try looking for secondhand USA made guitars (maybe eBay auctions close to you so you can try the guitar out).

Yamahas I have played include the APX's and the L series, those guitars felt cheap to me and lacking in the bass department, but do try them out, your taste will differ!
I would recommend you also look for Faith (if you're in the UK - not sure how easy they are to find elsewhere) and Guild GAD series guitars.
Stay away from laminated tops and you should end up with a guitar you love.
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xharass_natox - you're the only person i've ever heard who thought the yamaha L series feels cheap, and i know a lot of experienced players who own then. i'm a big fan of yamahas in this price range, although not of the apx series.

Goochster, i suggest you check out the yamaha fgx models, seagull, recording king.
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I second patti's suggestion. Yamaha make fantastic guitars in that price range; Faith are also good. Check out FGX/FJX/LL series models
Yeh I have been looking at Faith, particularly the Eclipse series as some of these seem in my price range. I'm going to try and check some out at a Faith dealer next week.

As for Yamaha again I'm interested but there is so much choice I'm not sure where to start. I like the idea of the APX series because I think in playability terms the thin body would be great, as I'm not the greatest finger picker in the world. although I wouldn't want the thin body to compromise the overall tone quality.

I've been searching youtube for demos which is great but in the end I think I'm just going to have to try a lot of guitars first before making a decision.

Thanks all.