Hey dudes, & dudettes,

i picked this little fella up in a second hand shop in london..

I have changed the machine heads and had a carbon graphite nut put on it, the rest remains the same,,

I LOVE IT! its like one of my dream guitars with one humbucker pickup, Tremelo, Rosewood frett board with shark fins + the jackson head shape! what a GREAT MACHINE!

ok.. so im informed that starforce were manufacturing guitars jackson/strat etc clones in the eightees that sold in south america, and ive found several threads showing the 8000 models,

but i havent seen any exactly like this puppy, its seems like it could be a charvel body with a starforce/jackson neck with sharkfins?,, and the one hgumbucker at the bridge!

Can anyone please help to identify this model ?

Thank you so very much,,


p.s i have pictures but dont know how to load them onto here i cant see an upload button ?
Upload them using photobucket or image shack, or some other image hosting website
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