I have a few criticisms with this article. First, you lumped all of the critical information under the 'Final Thoughts' header. That section should just the 'you already have the tools...' and the quote. Since most of the applicable information is here, the rest of the article reads like an introduction. That being said, there is some good relevant information in there; I would suggest a more detailed example of short-term/long-term goals: complete it by giving it a timeframe and a sample practice schedule.

I'll also recommend you a stylistic change. The second paragraph opens: Now, you were probably yawning--stop! You're in a position of power here: you're the expert attempting to persuade readers to take in your information. You don't want to detract from yourself by inserting a self-depreciating comment like that in your article. "Most students fail because..." is a better opening to that next paragraph: people are very interesting in knowing what's holding them back and it's shocking to someone who hasn't thought about goals yet. If you really think someone would be yawning reading your work, maybe you should consider rewriting that first paragraph so that they won't.

This is a worthy subject and honestly could be written about for pages. There's good stuff in there; keep on writing.
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Thanks sovietska. The article is about 'the importance of goal setting' as opposed to being a goal setting workshop. As you said it takes more than an article to describe that process.
And as a guitar teacher, as much as Im driven by helping others, if someone in my local area reads the article and wants to take guitar lessons, I am hoping they come to me as opposed to me laying everything out for them for free.

I dont feel the introductory part of the article is boring per se. However the concept of setting goals is one that we learn about from our youngest years of school. Every student I ever talk to about goals initially brushes the idea aside until I better explain the process to them as the concept of goal setting is universal and applicable to everyones life. My hope is that the article will make people seriously consider its importance. Had the paragraph been hookier it would assume(in my mind) that anyone reading it had just stumbled upon some new way of thinking about achievement which goal setting is not.

The final thoughts section I am happy with. Without the analysis of each point it goes like; always have your goals in mind, set long term and short term goals, have a timeframe and be inspired. These to me are just some pointers the student should keep in mind at all times but they dont neccesarily pertain to the process of goal setting ie. what are the goals, how long will it take to achieve them, what kind of books, interviews etc are relevant to my goals.

Again, this is from my point of view and I respect and appreciate your points!
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