I'm looking for a Valve Junior combo. Not looking to spend a lot of money so make me the best offer you can.

Will throw in random crap like a Ukulele, a Kazoo or and MG15CDR if you fancy it to make up small amounts of money.

I'm in Hertfordshire, UK. I can't come pick anything up though, but these are small enough to post I'd say.
You can have mine for £100 + postage if you fancy. It's a V2 version but has been modded to have 4, 8 and 16ohm outs with a new output transformer. It's also got a tone control, gain switch and triode/pentode switch modded into it. If you fancy I can give you the EVJ with the newspaper covered guitar I offered in your other thread for £110 + postage.

Let me know what you think.