Hey guys,

My guitar is : Epi LP Custom w/ Gibson 57' Classic pickups.
All around in good condition, some few marks here and there, no big deal but could be a deal breaker for some people.

I'm not quite sure it's the right guitar for me. My tastes have evolved, and so has my ear etc. I was looking into P90s.

A guy near where I live has a new Epi LP Special TV Yellow w/ P90's. I love it. I could sell him my guitar for his...

Is this a good deal ?
If you dislike your current guitar and you love his then why not trade, this is a no brainer.
There both epis so its not like its a high end peice of gear.
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well even with the upgraded pups the LP custom is still basically a $350 used guitar.

put the stock pups back in and sell them separately if that's not going to cost you any more.

otherwise, just make the trade and play the guitar that suits your tastes better.
But like, is an Epi LPC with Gibson pups worth a new EPI LPSpecial with Epi P90s ?

Am I not getting ripped of here?
Quote by alans056
brand new, set neck, grover tuners and all. it costs 300€ (430 USD).

you are speaking of the special and not the custom right?
yes the special, of course!

my custom cost me 545€ last year (775 USD) but today it's worth 445€ (630 USD) on most websites.
well if you can sell the custom for more do that. then just buy a new epi.

if you prefer your buddies, get that one.

if you like your friend and he isn't a tool, make the trade but tell him to toss in an extra 50 or 100 or something.

it doesn't sound like the cheap special that comes up in searches.
do this, buy p90's made to fit humbucker sized enclosures.


face it, your custom is worth more than the tv special. plus it arguably has better tonewoods. so spend the 60 bucks to get p90's like the ones i linked you, put those in your custom, and if you ever want to go back to humbuckers, you can.

the special will not hold its value well, the custom will.
i'd make him throw some cash in as well as his guitar.

but consider both guitars used, not new. so figure value at about 1/2 to 2/3 the new price on both.

from there, figure out what he owes on top of the special.

that's my take on it. good luck.
I see. I think it would be best to just save up and get the Special as a 2nd guitar. As you said, the Custom is worth more.

Is the difference between 57 classics and P90s big enough to justify?