Tonight due to moving into a new house i played guitar for probably the first time ever and practised with not a single distraction. No phone, no television, no internet.

I decided to challenge myself and very very slowly learn by ear a very difficult solo for myself just having notepad open on my laptop to write down the tabs as i learnt it.

Like i said i practised very very slowly and i intend to try doing this for the rest of the week if not longer. I found after i finished practising for an hour it was the most satisfying feeling ever and i felt like i accomplished a lot more than i usually would.

I'm curious if anyone does this on a regular basis, or how many people play with distractions etc etc.
General discussion would be coolies.
Thank you (:
When I used to do actual practice, yes, it would be just me, the guitar and that infernal clicking demon the metronome.

I don't do that any more though, I got so bored after a few years...
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Only time I ever have anything else is my Laptor when im playing along to things.
Never. I practice always in from of the computer. Internet, games, movies, series, whatever, always at the reach of my hand.

Of course I prefer the guitar over all that :P
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There is something special about just you the guitar and amp. I play some live gigs and know that a few mi nutesw before a gig of just me with my guitar helps
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I do this everytime I practice. I don't answer the phone, or the door or anything while im down in my cave. In order to maximize your results, you need that constant focus.