Hi, I currently have a Tonebone hot british guitar pedal:


Im currently using it plugged into my altec lansing computer speakers because my amp kinda sucks, it sounds a lot better into my computer speakers than into my amp.

I was wondering if it was possible to plug my pedal into my home theater system:


Thanks in advance
It appears the receiver does have an 1/8" input so in theory I guess if you just ran a mono cable out from your pedal and got the right adapter to take mono down to 1/8th then youd be in business. As far as sound quality goes I couldnt tell ya, but I imagine itd be tolerable (depending on the pedal, that is)

yes it probably will work

yes it probably will sound like crap, i could give you a whole list of reasons why but im tired.

Just get an amp, its worth it in the long run.