Hello fellow musicians

We are looking to continue to promote our 1st EP “Wheel of Fortune.” We are asking fans and critics to chose a song they would most like to see a music video for. Our songs take a combination of Springsteen, Stones, GnR, RHCP, Aerosmith and others rolled together to create our unique sound. From party and pumped up riff songs like “Candy Lady” and “Get it” to the groovy “Undercover” to the thought provoking and emotional “West Grace” to the toe tapping everyday/everyman story of “Pennies” to the familiar failed relationships and hoping for better in “Plan.” The riffs and lyrics are carefully constructed to deliver messages for everyone to relate to.

“A lot of these songs come from raw experiences of my life or Mad’s (songwriter/lead guitarist). From good times to bad times, struggling to find relationships, struggling to hold on to friendships, working through jobs just to get by, dealing with growing up, having the night of your life, and so on. I am not writing about anything new. Everyone has these moments. Everyone can find at least one song on here and say that’s me; I been there. Some songs have deeper meanings. I do not like to tell 100% what these songs are about. That’s the beauty of writing songs. I have had people tell me what they think a song is about. It makes me smile because it might be way off, but it’s so cool that it meant something else to them. I am not famous and probably never will be but those little moments of being on stage for an hour, or someone telling me how much one of my songs means to them, jeez I mean how lucky could someone be to do that for a living. We can always dream.”

- Luke

You can purchase “the-song-about-you” or the whole album off ITunes or other major music outlets. Help spread the word. If you dig the music then share with your friends. Tell them to like us on www.facebook.com/rocketknife or friend us on www.myspace.com/rocketknife or follow us on Twitter @Rocketknife. Let us know who you are and share your thoughts with us. When no one wants to listen anymore, then we will stop. Help keep us going.

Thanks for looking

The entire Rocketknife Team