Selling this amp because I very rarely got the very best out of it (playing it cranked up!). I had not been gigging as expected so unfortunately I have to part with it. It's a great amp with real bite and a fantastic sound. I bought it in late January and have hardly played it really. I've struggled to sell it locally so I'm putting it up online and asking for £120 (bought it for under £180 and it's pretty much out of the box condition).

Included are the 5w head (driven by one 12AX7 preamp tube and one EL84 power tube) and the 1x12 cabinet (4, 8, and 16 ohm capability). The head has just one control knob (volume). Starting from warm, clean tones at low volumes right through to classic rock crunch and screaming natural overdrive when the knob gets cranked up, the distortion can then be controlled by the guitars volume knob at high volumes. EQ won't be missed when you hear the natual dirty yet punchy sounds this amp is capable of - but either way, it handles pedals very well as demonstrated (I'm use to hearing a slight buzz with most tubes). Here's some pedal usage with the amp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dyTC3Z6aFU&t=4m12s

I'm located in Glossop in Derbyshire, outside of Greater Manchester. If it's a treck for you then no problem, Glossop is in the heart of the high peak's country side and would make a great day out Collection only please!

Email me at lukermcdonnell@gmail.com or reply to this thread
i totally would LOVE this if i had a job... but i'm unemployed
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interested in a swap mate?

depends man, I've got some new gear on the way. What you thinking of swapping for?
well i would be willing to put my amp in the mix.. basically the stuff in my sig is up for sale.. ?
Quote by daverichards
well i would be willing to put my amp in the mix.. basically the stuff in my sig is up for sale.. ?

nah I'm picking an amp up tomorrow man
if you have any luck selling let me know because I might still have this!