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I'm attempting a wiring mod on my Les Paul. I've been going over different wiring schemes for hours, but nothing seems to work. Here's how it should break down (I'm using SD pickups btw):

4 Push Pulls, 2 DPDT on-on-on mini-toggles.

Mini-Toggle 1: Series-Split(Screw Coil)-Parallel BRIDGE

Mini-Toggle 2: Series-Split(Screw Coil)-Parallel NECK

Bridge Volume: Bridge Pickup Out of Phase (With Neck)

Neck Volume: Both Humbuckers in Series in Middle position ("Megabucker")

Bridge Tone: Killswitch

Neck Tone: Blower Switch (Bypass all pots/caps, Bridge pickup straight to jack)

I've worked with push-pulls and mini-toggles before, but this many is just mind-boggling to me. If anybody can come up with a wiring diagram for me, I will worship you forever

Once again, if this is in the wrong place, please inform me and i'll move it.

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