I've made kind of a rough demo with my band's singer, so far with just guitar and vocals. We plan on having other instruments come in when it picks up around 3:45.
Please don't tell me that the recording quality isn't good, I am well aware of that but this is what I have for now. I'd like to see what people think before we take the time to do a better one.

As always I'll crit your stuff in return.


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Quite slow, but i really like at 1.30, it sounds a bit like radiohead to me, i like the vocals alot. The guitar could do with a bit of change in the melody during the verses. The recording is fine, alot better than some people on here.

All and all keep playing and living the dream! good luck!

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It has the potential to be a really strong song. I think ultimately (apart from the recording) its just a case of refining the parts and getting it slick and confident. But that said, its a very very nice piece!

On a side note, personally I'd like the vocals to be a tiny bit more forward and a little clearer. Im not sure how easy it'll be for you but as I say, it's a side note.

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I like the intro quite a bit, vocals are very good. It is a little slow, but I think it fits the song pretty well. I would agree, maybe try changing up the melody a little, but if you plan on adding other instruments i think you could just change up the bass riffs if you do add one. I like the song. Very nice job
I really like this song, especially the guitar it is just really nice. i think this is a great song and you should definitely add in some bass and a piano if possible great job recording isn't that bad actually.
First off, if I could get ANY of my recordings to sound like that, I'd be thrilled (my mic sucks). I really like all of the different parts, but I feel like the songs could certainly benefit from some sanding down. I'd shorten the verses so that there isn't so much space between the chorus and when the song picks up later on. I like the lyrics, and feel like this could a very good song. Really dig the end; good songwriting choice. I would definately add some instrumentation throughout the song. Soft percussion and a bassline would do it, but be cautious of over doing it. I personally think the verses are fine, but go all out on the chorus and ending.

Okay, and done. C4C on my crappy song?

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Hello! Sorry for the wait time. I something wrong with the "profile" subdomain? I can't seem to access any profiles, and therefore not this song either. I'll edit my post once I'm able to access the song.
Works fine now.

Critting as I listen:

I like the riff. Very relaxing and clean. It sounds very slightly out of tune at times. Might just be old strings or something. The vocals are very smooth and again, relaxing. At about 1:28 it sounds just awesome. The vocals at that point sounded like a mix between young Thom Yorke and.. Bruno Mars? xD I don't know, might be someone, not exactly sure which one is Bruno Mars, of the ones I have in my head. Very nice vocals nonetheless.
At 1:50 to about 2:10 it sounds a bit messy. Not the song, but the recording/mix. Lyrics are very solid.

Good job!
With just guitar and voice, this is really good. I can tell that you tried to use a de-noiser though, because there are a ton of artifacts in the audio.

Get him to stand away from the mic a bit next time, sometimes when he does a plosive-'P' sound, it covers up the guitar in the background...

This is really good, I'd totally cover it, just an FYI. I can't wait to hear your stuff with proper recording equipment and a bit more knowledge of plug-ins under your belt.
Just gave it a listen dude, it's sweet. As somebody else has said already i totally got a radiohead vibe when the pace in the song picked up.

I think it flows beautifully between the slower parts and the faster, really like the calm guitar. Also the recording is good compared to what some of us are working with haha.

Your singer has a good voice, preffered it when the song picked up speed as he got louder. The slower parts i had a hard time hearing the words, even though the melody (??) of his voice was good.

Overall i really like it man, just gave it a second listen, and the feel of the song is beautiful. Really love the guitar work too.

Keep it up dude!
It reminds me of some of the songs I used to write when I was even younger than I am now lol If the vocal style was a little more... crazy I guess, it would have a John Frusciante sound to it! Good work!
Fair enough.
I agree with a lot of what was said here...the ideas are good, but it does seem to drag due to how long the verses are, particularly because there isn't a lot of variance in the playing - it gets stale. The vocalist has quite a cool tone, I like the voice. If/when you get the whole band on this, I think they'd need to come in before the 3:45 mark as you've lost a lot of listeners by that time, people need to be stimulated sooner.

Overall, I'd say you expand on the idea before you lay down a really polished version - an overdub, a variation, something else for the listener to grab onto. Good work though, and thanks for the earlier crit.
Really nice work. Between Radiohead , something else (sorry i can't remember me what) and John Lennon (at the end)

It sounds like something else that i heard but i can't remember me the song. It's really strange, i'm sure that i heard a song like this somewhere.

Slevbag said, "I think it flows beautifully between the slower parts and the faster, really like the calm guitar. "
I agree
The melody sounds good, so an Harmonica and a bass could be enough with the guitar and the vocal part.
I like your voice, and, I don't know how i can explain that , but sometimes the voice "felt" and you seemed to force it. I imagine that on the final version you will have improved that.

I have a very stupid question but, why did you sing your "d" like "t"?

Slevbag said
"Also the recording is good compared to what some of us are working with haha"
I agree

compared to this
such a real good recording!
(without guitar)
Well it's not me singing. It's just me on guitar. As for why he says his "d" like "t" I'm not sure. It might be his voice or just the recording.

We're working on shortening up/changing the song to make it a little more to the point as many of you have suggested.
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Like the White Stripes, RHCP, or Cage the Elephant? Check out mah band!
For some reason, as soon as the vocals picked up, it reminded me of the song on Shrek two that plays right before he finds the little diary XD anyways.. I really like it. Singer has a nice voice, and it was very well written. Nice job.
Great tune, I like the really soft guitar and vocals, I think a bass guitar should come in earlier, people say it drags on, but i like drone music so i thought it was cool to kind of lose yourself in it. The slowness of the beginning reminded me of the Pedro The Lion song, "Winners Never Quit." My favourite part was definitely the end where the vocals follow the guitar line, i think that could be used early in the song and repeated, it' really psychedelic. Anyway Critique my metal tune if you want https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1473926