Hi guys,

I've recently gotten much better at bending strings, and I've become a fan of bending up 1 1/2 steps (3 frets).
However, when I try and do this higher up the neck on the high E, when I bend that much, the note chokes out before it reaches the target note.
Is this a set-up problem or a technique flaw? I should point out that, on other strings at the same position on the neck, it seems to do the same, whereas further down on the same strings is absolutely fine.

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You're fretting out. That's a problem with some strats because of the small neck radius. A setup can help this a bit, most of the time you just have the action set too low. That's the thing with strats that are unique from any other guitar - the action on them has to be just right to be comfortable. Anything higher will be hard to play, and anything lower cause you to fret out and get lots of fret buzz.

Take it to a tech, have them set it up how you want and then don't touch it.
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