Hello, I'm a newb to the forums and to guitars, recently I got a new electric guitar, It's an Epiphone sg g400 cherry. I also picked up some Martin Polish/Cleaner and heard that it may ruin my finish I've already used it twice on my guitar, so is it safe to use or not and will my guitar be fine? Thanks, Jacob
should be fine

places where you might not want to are -

back of neck
metal finshes

Not sure on your SG, I'm not familiar with those finshes. If no one else here know I'd ask a mod to move this to EG.
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I've used automobile polishes for years and they always out perform any "specialty polish". I have one guitar I've owned since 1972 and it still shines like brand new... except for the wear from playing it.
Thanks guys, I dont know what the finish is on the SG either, I'm assuming it's polyurethane or something along those lines and not a nitro finish but I could be wrong. But that's why I was worried because I thought Martin & CO. Polish was for acoustic finishes and don't know if it would work the same on my SG. And it leaves a hazy type residue on the finish, but is easily wiped off with a dry cloth. Also is it fine to wipe a guitar down with an T-Shirt?
Dunlop 65 works wonders on finished Gibby guitars.

Get Virtuoso if you have a Faded - it brings out the grain very nicely.
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I use the Dunlop 65 system and really like it, it covers everything from frets and fretboard to body. I have also used Mothers carnauba wax, i think the hard wax is okay but it has to be 100% carnauba. Be careful because some have abrasives in them and that is bad for the guitar finish. Usually i use the mothers to work out slight swirls or to bring out a gloss shine of an older guitar.