Hello guys,

I'm planning on building (more like assembling because I'm not actually building anything myself :P) a custom guitar, but I ran into a little bit of confusion.

I plan to install the EMG Zakk Wylde (install guide here ), allong with a 3-way switch (guide here ) and a master volume and tone switches

According to the install guide from the pickups themselves, which includes a pickup buss which acts as a hub for the wires, I can wire from the buss to the volume knob, to the tone knob, to the output jack in a "series".

However, the selector switch has two tone/EFX outputs - one for the neck PU and one for the bridge PU. According to the manual I can install the volume knob in between the switch and the output jack normally. But I think that even one tone knob is more than enough, so I'd rather only install just one master tone.

Long story cur short: can I install the master tone and volume knobs with the selector switch, as it is shown in the PU install guide (pickups => switch => vol pot => tone pot => jack)?

I'm a huge electronics noob, so be gentle (A)

Thanks in advance