Hi Guys,
I have an old strat copy that i'd like to customize. I was thinking about putting a collage onto it with old comic strips. My plan is to sand it down, glue on the pictures then spray clear coat onto it. Would this be Okay to do or is there anything special i'd need to do???
best to try clear coat on strips that you wont be using. it could eat through the ink.causing it to run..
never really done this myself. or really thought about it lol
however you could also try.. works on pearl/abalone binding.

use CA glue to stick the comic to the body. the glue itself would seal the paper & ink.then clear coat the guitar. again id try it out on scrap pieces as the same may happen
paint the guitar (one section at a time) with white glue, put your comics on then paint over the whole guitar again with white glue. that will seal the comics and ensure they will never come off. then you can clear coat over it.
I've never used this method on a guitar but i have done it on models, plaques, frames, etc.