That's really a beautiful song man. It would sound great with some vocals. I really don't even have anything to add.
What tuning were you using? Also do you plan on doing this with a whole band or is it meant to be just a guitar piece? I really think it would be good with a full band.

I know this was a pretty shitty crit but if you could check out my song I'd appreciate it. If you have any other songs let me know.
American Circus
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Thanks guys. I want to put a vocal melody over the top but being the shit singer that I am I'm waiting for a chance to give it to a vocalist.

The initial idea was to put a band behind it but nothing ott. Drums a bit of bass etc etc but I'v not got round to writing the parts for it.

Aha, the guitar is tuned to DADADD

Again, thanks for the thoughts

Killing you for a smile