I have a Cordoba 45R with a "natural finish". What exactly is a natural finish? Is it a shellac? I would like to repair a few nicks where the treble strings slipped out of the bridge, but I need to know what finish it is.

I figured this question may be best asked here instead of the building & customizing forum because there are probably more classical guys/gals here with experience on this finish.
Relax on the repairs. Any "nicks" are just the patina of the guitar. I can understand why you might want to repair them, but if you play it, it will get some wear and have the "nicks"... so just sit back, play a few tunes and enjoy your guitar.

Bet it sounds great too.
True. I was just interested in learning to do the repair more than anything.

And it does sound pretty great. Amazing guitar, especially for the price.
Man, this forum is dead. I usually am in the electric guitar forum, and it's pretty alive.

Does anyone know of another forum somewhere for classical guitars that will be more alive?