Hey guys, my friend is making a game and asked me to make some music for it, so I'm gonna write some bass for it. He says he wan'ts it to be repetitive, but not get annoying. Does anyone have any tips for writing repetitive melodies? Cheers
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Is the bass gonna be the only instrument?

Most likely. If I can get access to a drum kit, that'll be in there too.
What kind of game is it?
You can make some spacey stuff with a bass, and even more so with some effects.
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What kind of game is it?
You can make some spacey stuff with a bass, and even more so with some effects.

It's like an MMO I think, a lot of fighting involved.
You should take alot of influecne from old 8bit games, like Megaman and Metroid.

Also, Chrono Trigger has some excellent bass video game music.

Learn a couple of these old songs from 8bit/16bit video games, they are usually fairly simple and very catchy. Once you learn a couple, writing your own should be a snap.
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well, then find some interesting patterns and throw them in 16th note patterns with octaves.
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Play doom and Doom 2. The music is catchy, repetitive and so damned cool.

Also Final fantasy games (I havn't played past 8 so i can't say after that) tend to have at least a couple of cool bass track per game.
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Dont know if this is still helpful but i found this guy on youtube and remembered this thread. He's got a few hundred vids on his channel of video game music (mostly sonic) stripped down to bass and drums. Could be helpful
Write something with a simple catchy bass riff, and record it over some sequenced drums. Duplicate the bass track you've recorded and then drop the second version an octave and lower it in the mix a bit. Then speed the entire thing up to anywhere between 150-200% (find a sweet spot), allowing the pitch to be affected too, using a decent algorithm also (Reaper has a great one). Quick and easy way to get authentic 8-bit rock video game sounding music.
why not download a tracker program and do the music in there? or fruity loops or something? why just bass?