Hi Guys,
I'm looking to trade my Tweaker away for possibly a Mesa. I love the Colour & Shape and In Your Honor Foo Tone. Do you think the DC-3 or F-30 can pull this off or do I need to have 6v6 Power Tubes to get their tone? Anything in the budget/middle ground that can get close? It doesn't need to be Mesa I just want to get some where near those albums' tone.

Budget - up to 700$ used or new
Genre - Alt Rock / Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Blues
Fav Guitarists - Jon Frusciante, Dave Grohl, Tom Morello, Jack White, Mike McCready
Looking for USED gear
Current Gear - Mainly using my Egnater Tweaker. Definitely versatile but I feel it's lacking when the gain is turned up
Type of playing - At Home (Jam / Recording) - Small Venues when gigging
Closest Big City - Pittsburgh, PA
Past Amps: Fender Deluxe RI, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Fender Pro Junior, 5E3, Vox AC30CC1, Vox AC15C1, Marshall DSL 2000 50 Watt Head

So Basically from past experience my favorites were the DSL & AC15C1. I still felt like the AC15 lacked from what a 30 sounds like but I couldn't justify the need for the 30, price and loudness wise. The Marshall was also a bit too much for what I used it for. I was thinking if I could get a Marshall Combo I'd be satisfied as well but not 100% sure.
My Gear:
Guitars: Vintage LP, Martin DX-1, Epi Viola Bass,
Amps: Marshall JMD501
Effects: Empty Set right now
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i'd personally go for the DC3 but there are obviously other options. Are you leaning toward a Mesa only? Can you afford a Road King? What about an Egnater Renegade?

not to up on his gear as I'm not a huge fan but a quick google search gave me this:

therefore I'd do this and edit your OP:

I think you would be very fine with either of those amps.
As 311 pointed out, the foo's arent actually using Mesa live anymore for the most part much lower gained amps
Dave uses Fender Tonemasters and CAE PT-100's into fender 4x12's, Chris Vox ac30's and a fender bassman 59, and Pat uses 5150's.

and to be perfectly honest, The Foo's dont really have the most distinct tone of bands in the modern rock scene, so as long as you have a nice clean and a good dirt you'll be able to get fairly close with no worries.
I saw them live not too long ago and I didn't see any mesa's, but they did still have a fairly high gain sound I think either get a good od, distortion, and fuzz and boost the tweaker or get something like a jet city.
But in all honesty I think the tweaker should do every thing you want it too, I tried one with a gretsch and it almost got me to the foo's gain, throwing in a medium gain pedal would've probably gotten me there.
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