Hey guys,

I'm looking into loopers just for a bit of fun really.

What I need, is the abilty to store at least three loops. So effectively I need the abilty to store loops for a verse, chorus and bridge, and then be able to press a switch and that loop to be triggered.

The Jamman pedals are really good. More features for the same price compared to the Boss RC pedals.
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if you can afford a boomerang looper it will do what you need very well. you can play 3 loops into it and triggering them one after the other is very intuitiv. for example, while loop 1 is playing you can hit loop 2, and when loop 1 ends THEN loop 2 will start playing. so flowing between them is relatively easy. the jamman can store loops in its memory, which the boomerang can't really do, so it has a bit of an advantage there, BUt going from loop to loop to loop isn't quite as convenient.

if you can be ok with making all 3 loops on the fly and then doing the song, the boomerang is the best bet. if you need to record all the loops beforehand and then just call them up at any time, the jamman can do that.
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Thanks for the replys guys.

I don't think I could justify buying the Boomerang. In the UK it's around £530, which is too much for me really.

The Jammans look good, if not a little confusing to understand. The only problem is I've realised for some songs I'll need more than three loops, so does anyone have expirience changing the loops on the Jamman live? For example setting the first button from the verse to a solo?
On the Jamman you can advance to a new loop and when the current loop is done it will seamlessly play the next one.
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On the Jamman you can advance to a new loop and when the current loop is done it will seamlessly play the next one.

Oh, that's pretty cool! Is it easy enough to trigger? You don't have to get down and press tiny buttons?
They are are several different models, so download the manuals. You'll need to get an external footswitch to get the full functionality. The original Jamman has the up/down loop on the ext footswitch. Otherwise you need to bend over and twist a knob.
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