I've been playing an acoustic guitar and now I feel like having an electric guitar. After a long research these are the guitars I've found that fit my budget ($170-$320)

Goth Les Paul Studio

I want to play low-mid gain (Jazz, blues, rock) so I really don't care about high-gain (Metal). What do you think of my selection?

I live in a small island so there is no option to buy used... I have to go new.

Also, if there are other good guitars around my budget (can go a little higher) I'm open to suggestions, and amps too! (10-30W, Home playing)
I would suggest skipping the Ibanez GRG series and go straight for the RG321. Those are about the best Ibanez you can buy for under $400. Also, you could get a nice MIM Fender strat or fat strat for those prices.

As for the other, I can't really say because I haven't played them much.

For amps, the Roland Cube 20XL or Cube 40XL are about the best you get get in that price range.

I've also heard good things about the new Marshall MG modeling amps too, but once again I haven't used one of those so I can't say for sure.
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for that genre i'd say go for a epiphone dot studio for the amp maybe a marshall
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Another vote for Ibanez, best bang for the buck. It's also personal preference. I like humbucker sound and LP tone, but I like the larger scale length of the Ibanez for playability (I am tall with large hands/fingers). The dual humbucker RG series is sweet. I've played an RG2. I like the hardtail version. I outgrew the whammy bar thing sometime in the 90's. My next guitar will be an Ibanez RG, probably a maple hardtail.

I can't speak much for the other brands (Yamaha, etc.). I own a psuedo-strat, but had to replace the original narrow neck, and replaced the bridge pickup with a humbucker to make it likeable.
Thanks for the responses! I'm from Europe and will have to buy online, so I have to add A LOT of additional costs, that's why the budget is so tight.

The Ibanez RG looks pretty good but $141 over my limit is a little too much

The Epiphone dot fits perfect but semi-acoustic was not was I had in mind

And I really have to give a look to fender guitars, but there is something in the sound I don't really like, maybe it's just my imagination
Get a Strat. They have the best clean sounds. You could get a used MIM or Classic Vibe Strat. I thought that I hated Fender guitars for a while too, but then I realized that a Les Paul couldn't get the sounds that I wanted and what I really needed the whole time was a Strat. And they are much cheaper than a LP.

Also, some kind of hollow or semi-hollow guitar with P-90s or PAFs might be good for what you play. And it might be the best thing to get if you're getting your first electric after playing acoustic for a while.

IMO, Ibanez guitars are only good for Metal (except the Artcores). I don't think you want a pointy Stratythingy with humbuckers and a Floyd for blues and jazz.

Another thing to think about is that every guitar feels different. It's best to play every guitar you can before buying one. I thought I had to have a Les Paul, but when I actually started playing a bunch of guitars I liked how the Strat felt the best. And don't think that something similar (like a Tele if you want a Strat) would be close enough, I also wanted a Tele for a while but when I started playing some I hated the necks on all of them. If you don't like the neck on a guitar you aren't going to play as well as with a guitar that has a neck that you like. You will also practice more if you like it.
The Strats that I can get are these:

Fender Squier Affinity Fat Stratocaster
Fender Squier Affinity Strat

And yeah, I'm looking for a clean sound. I have read that the Strats and Tele are the best for blues and such, but in my ears they sound not so clear.
As I said, I have to buy new and online with a lot of additional costs because of the island I live in. So it's almost impossible for me to get a used MIM or Classic Vibe Strat.

I'll give a visit to my local music store and play them in a good ampli, hope they don't mind, after all "I'll return when I have the money"