basically im building up my pedalboard, im after chorus/tuner/compressor/noise gate, all seperate pedals of course

they must be in good cosmetic condition (odd chip here and there is fine)

must be in full functional order

can't be low range stuff, preferably middle to high range, but im also not after boutique pedals

pedals which im actively looking for - korg pitchblack, boss tu2/3, boss cs, boss ce, keeley compressor, mxr smartgate, ehx neo clone, but i am not limited to these at all

also im looking for some new pickups for my esp ec, ideally 53mm but if it fits then its fine,

im interested in dimarzio crunch/liquifire, d activators, x2n, etc and any bareknuckles,

price depends on what is offered, i prefer to buy a set as its just easier but i can buy seperate pickups, they need to be medium to high output, amazing clarity, tight bottom end and the highs cant be too shrilly,

cheers guys
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I've got a brand new TU-3, that hasn't been used at all for £60 posted?
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Hey I have a barely used mxr analog chorus I'd sell you original box and everything