Hello again,

So my multi effects gave out on me recently (during a gig) so I decided to start investing in individual pedals. I've already bought a few pedals (compressor, chorus ect) and I'm looking for a pedal board. I've found this one...


I've heard Behringer products are not very reliable, but this looks really good for the money. I've also found this one...


So which one do you think I should go for? I've read reviews on the internet and apparently the patch cables which come with the Behringer aren't too great, so they would need replacing. Would it be worth the extra money to replace them? Any help would be greatly appreciated, or if you could recommend me a different board, I'd be very grateful! Thanks in advance.
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The Boss is better quality (IMHO). The Behringer has more slots for pedals. If the Behringer has crappy cables, get better ones. Or if you're wealthy and have craploads of pedals, and want them all on one board, look into an SKB.
What about building your own board? A lot of people make their own and save a lot of money.
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What about building your own board? A lot of people make their own and save a lot of money.


Plywood + Velcro = Home fer yer pedlulz.

Just get that real quick then spend some time building a nice box that latches over the top of the pedalboad

Makes you look cooler too. Even cooler that having matching amps with your band