hey there,
I am an average guitar player, I've been playing for about two years now and I had to stop learning for a while and now I started learning again with a teacher with a lot of experience in teaching and very well-known locally...
and when he noticed the unwanted noises I make when playing in distortian, he told me that whenever he plays in distortion, he palm mutes all the string all the time, and for this reason I am posting this thread:
is it okay to palm mute all the strings all the time when playing in distortion?
because I feel it is kind of cheating so please share you experiences with me.
Thanks in advance
its not cheating, its just what you have to do to keep strings quiet. And im pretty sure he doesnt always palm-mute the strings he plays
I he palm muting or muting with his palm? Palm muting is a technique in which you heavily mute a string with your picking hand for a percussive effect. Muting with your palm is a practically essential technique in which you use the side of your picking hand to mute the strings below the one you're playing on. Neither is cheating. Both are techniques used to achieve a specific effect.

Also, get out of the "is it cheating?" mindset. Proper playing and technique is supposed to make everything easier to play. Anything you can do as far as technique goes to make your playing better, easier, and/or more comfortable is completely fine. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell something. :p
It's not cheating. It freaking rocks! Mute the strings all around. With your palm, with the fingers on your fretting hand (even those that are fretting other strings!), the side of the thumb of your picking hand, the back of the fingers of your picking hand, your elbow, whatever! String muting is a very important skill to possess!
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