I'm seriously considering putting .11-.52s on my Ibanez S series with Zr trem in E standard. The only thing I'm worried about it is that the extra tension might be too much. Seeing as there are only 2 springs at the back (I cant add any more), theyll have to be stretched pretty far to counter the tension in the strings. On top of that, the neck is pretty thin, although I think the truss rod should be able to do its job.

Is this a bad idea or no? I have the same gauge strings on my strat in the same tuning, and I actually like it a lot, which is why Im thinking of putting them on my ibanez. Also I know how to setup a guitar so the truss rod will be fine.

I'm just worried something might break as its a fair thin and tiny guitar, will it hold up?
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There's no reason they shouldn't... If you need more tension behind the bridge buy two stronger springs, as opposed to adding a third.
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where would I be able to buy stronger springs?

btw is there a possibility of the strings snapping after some moderate tremelo use?
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I use .011s in Eb standard with no problem on my S420. It will be fine.

how far do u have the string tension indicator thing turned? Mine is about 1/3 from the lowest setting (which was where it was wen i got it with .09s)