I wasent sure exactly where to put this, but I figured "recording band covers" in the "recording section"? why not?, anyways me and my friends have been learning a couple of songs recently and playing them quite a bit in our jam spot, but we were thinking about recording some band covers and putting them on the internet (youtube and what not), after looking at some other band covers on youtube ive noticed one of the first things that changes an actual good cover, to a real failure that should never of gone on the internet, is recording quality, most of the ones that in my oppinion "suck", look like they were recorded with a cell phone or a really bad webcam, so I was hoping the happy people of ultimateguitar.com could help me with this, what do you use to record your band covers? any tips? any help would be appreciated, thanks guys and rock on
pretty simple, 1 guitarist, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, and one rythm guitarist/vocalist (sorry cant spell xD) just us 4
You could kick it simple and get a decent webcam and get a condenser mic and place the condenser mic where stuff sounds most level'd
What do I use to record my covers?

The same things I used to record my originals. That is, guitar(s), amp, pedals, and an 8-track digital recorder. The only difference is, I'm generally trying to match the tone/sound/arrangement of the original recording rather than creating my own.

A crappy recording is a crappy recording, whether it's a cover or not.