March through the marsh, war drums beating beneath my feet
Press against my skin, suffocated by the humid heat
Tingle sensation of sweat, drips down my forehead
Into my eyes, sleepless nights in my bed

Waking up in a different time, grey clouds blanket the skies
Unstable enviroment (dense fog) sends voice singals in dispise
Tempted by the dark climate, included in this fable
Seen in the distance, burning lanterns hang loose
From the dinner table

Hypnotize by the flames, I travel through the light
Inspite the heaviness in the air, I begin my flight
Across the swamp and towards the lantern(s)
Discovered the heratic rituals, designed patterns from Saturn

The rotation from the Earth and Moon combine
Worship greatly in this divine
The lonely tree stands tall
Fruit of knowledge are free, pressed against the wall

Voice present, broad and stern
The wind reaches my ears and burn
Tempting me to see the future
To feed myself and nuture
The flock

Grab the bucket of water from the well
Before I cast you under my spell
Good times never come with ease
Like the (14th century) bubonic plague disease

Obbession fallen, darkness fills the maze
The gallows present an imange, face infested craze
Between the seeker and the faithful
Searching for life, thou are playful

From the ground above, necromancer reaches the surface
Harsh reality of fear, gaunt figures approach me from the mirror
Trapped in purgatory, screaming for life
Cast into the abyuss, skeletons dancing in the afterlife

Horrified by this prophecy, i begin to run away
Images stare at me, in this forsaken day
From the ashes, animal bones lay present
Eager to flee from this maddness, feeling of saddness

Fueled by the notion, death & destruction
Voices fill the void, all that is clear
Poison fills my body, mind trapped in fear
Ideas grown weary in the course of time
Always on the run, restless in this crime
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