Hello all, nice night isn't it?

Paul Gilbert once said that learning classical music on his guitar really helped his ear and his technique, and heck, if it worked for him, it can work for me!

I'm starting with the Harpsichord Concerto in D minor (Allegro) by J.S. Bach.

So, what I would like to know is there any tips or tricks when it comes to learning a classical/baroque song on the guitar? Any music theory that is directly or indirectly related? (I'm not too good with that stuff, but anything that can be learned will be appreciated.) Any voodoo ritual that makes you the Bach of guitar? If so, please share!

if you want to be able to play bach on guitar solely by ear, you're going to need a lot of theoretical knowledge, and a well-trained ear. what part of the harpsichord concerto? i'm pretty familiar with it, so i'd like to know what you intend on playing. the harpsichord melody? because, remember, the harpsichord encompasses several different voices. or do you plan to play the strings? the violin voice?

if you want to play bach, you're going to need a damn good ear to start off, and a lot of theoretical knowledge.

if your theory isn't that good, and your ear isn't already fairly well-trained, i suggest starting with playing melodies from classical symphonies -- mozart and haydn are always good bets.
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Perhaps you should learn a couple from the WTC from notation or tab first, just to get used to playing in that style and getting a better idea of whats going on? Or even learn the ones Paul Giblert has arranged, I love those.
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If you want to play Bach by ear, as mentioned before, you need to have good theory knowledge, helps greatly. If youre starting out, maybe try Badinerie or Bourree (spelling!?). Less stuff going on there.

On a similar note, not to create new thread: could any of you recommend some violin pieces to play on guitar? Leaving Paganini out, what would you reccomend? I know Bach has quite a few of those, but cant remember right of the bat.
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Thanks everyone for their responses.

Honestly, I never considered myself to have a good ear, but I've made pretty good progress with the song, and the only thing holding me back is the recording that I downloaded. Many more layered instruments then there should be, which makes it harder to correctly pinpoint the next note, and all the harpsichord is played on piano!(Laaame!)

Here's a link to the song itself:

I'm going to take Music Theory classes online during the next school year, which should help me come to understand what I'm doing. As, like what my friend said, you can tab out all of the greatest symphonies, but you're not going to know anything about the music itself. And, I need to work on my ear when it comes to harmonies and intervals.

But yes, I agree with everyone. I SHOULD do easier stuff, as it would make the harder compositions easier, but I'm not that way. I was only playing for a year when I wanted to learn how to sweep pick, and I did nothing but that for 6 months, and I got it down. The only thing that makes most things hard is the time that you have to put into it in order to make it sound right, and with that attitude, I think I can do it.

In the future, I may do some Mozart or Beethoven. Thanks everyone!

And I would help the fella above with some violin stuff, but I don't particularly listen to enough Violin concertos.

Here's some though:

Some of my favorites. Cheers bro.