Alright I understand this is a forum for recording but this is for live audio I just don't know of another forum to post to. I'm a drummer and I also do a lot of heavy programming with sub drops and synths in our music on Reason 5 as well. I recently bought a Behringer MA400 headphone amplifier and I plan on using it for an in ear monitor mix for myself. I panned a click all the way to the right for myself in all the programming tracks we are playing live. I plan on routing these tracks through the mic input and sending them out with the mic thru to one of the channels of the mixer and using the monitor in to obviously monitor the live mix of guitars and vocals. But here is where I run into some confusion. How do I make it so the click isn't running through the main speakers?
Run your speakers from the left output on the mixer and the daisy chain your mains together.
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Well this isn't going to be for my own pa system. My band plays out a lot at different venues using their sound system but we haven't added the programming to our live set because we haven't been able to figure out how to just give the sound guy a cable and have him run it through the mains with only the left and not getting the metronome in the right
Not entirely sure I'm understanding this, but I believe the easiest way would be for you to get a small (hopefully 2-channel mixer) that has at least one aux send, so you can have the left and right outputs from your computer/whatever you're using into individual channels and then have the main mix with the fader for click down to minimum going to FOH engineer, and the send could be the samples/programming AND the click, which would be sent via aux send.
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